FOR SCIENCE: PXRXO & Subdreddit’s Analysis of Vehicular Physics

ContrabanJoe, CEO of the Planetary Response Organization (PXRXO) approached us last week to assist in scientific research that would benefit both parties. This previously undisclosed footage is now available to the public.

The film begins with Lead Dropship Physicist Baal Roo explaining the general principles for the experimentation.

Perhaps the most astounding scientific breakthrough was the discovery that by adjusting the attitude and altitude of a dropship to a specific standard of variables, one can transport more than 6 passengers via dropship. See the film footage for a visual breakdown.

SCIENCE_CARSAnother notable discovery is the newfound ability for dropships to dock with the allied MCC. This new development allows for two things: The streamlining of MCC clone deployment to the battlefield, and the addition of the MCC’s cannon to the defenses of the dropship. It was a day of successes, but our scientists were unsuccessful in replicating the same technological process when attempting to dock the dropship with the enemy MCC. Furthermore, (not shown in film) they discovered that after the destruction of the enemy MCC, the dropship which was attempting to dock remained completely unfazed (and phased completely) by the blast of the massive MCC explosion. Scientists have dubbed this bizarre phenomenon the “narwhal effect”. Whether or not the dropship colliding with the enemy MCC caused damage to either vessel remains unknown or undisclosed.

The film also highlights PXRXO and Subdreddit’s use of crash test clones in the analysis of LAV integrity, as well as (also not shown in film) the effect of centripetal force on ejected passengers when the LAV is in a fast spin.

These scientific breakthroughs have led to the Subdreddit Corporation’s Research and Development team’s creation of new weapons and technologies which will help in the fight to push back the disturbing encroachment of enemy clones on our corporate holdings.

Film Credits: Starfire Revo

One thought on “FOR SCIENCE: PXRXO & Subdreddit’s Analysis of Vehicular Physics

  1. All hail our glorious scientists, who together with our brave and benevolent warlord Dent308 shall usher in a new era of destruction.. .and bacon.

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